This is our story…

If you came across this Blog, it is because it was created for a reason. We aim to take our girls to Japan and have them enrolled in an International School.

Let me introduce myself first.

I am originally from Brazil. I`m married to a Japanese woman and we have 2 daughters. Our daughters were born in the United States while I was first pursuing my education and later working for one of the best companies in the U.S. Our first daughter Ellen was born in 2000 and Erika was born in 2005. They both attended school in the U.S. and both girls speak English only. Both my wife and I thought it was important for them and for us to keep English as our day to day language once it would help us and help the kids to learn faster and succeed in their school assignments.

At the end of 2011, just before Christmas,  we left the United States. My wife and I and our 2 kids arrived in Brazil. I looked for a school for my kids, especially for the older one but I could not find a school at the standards as the school they attended in the U.S., but since we had no alternatives, I had them enrolled in a private school.  Unfortunately Education is not taken seriously in Brazil. Brazil occupies the 31st spot in the World Education Ranking. The tipping point for me to create this Blog was when both my girls arrived home and I checked their homework and I noticed the assignment for my 6th grader was the same assignment my 1st grader had – a coloring page.

The schools are not choosing them – I am the one choosing the schools for the kids. Not one of these schools offers any kind of scholarship as far as I know.. All we need is to have the kids enrolled in one of these schools.

Thank you,


We just had a Japanese festival here in the town we are living now and I got them these “I love Japan”  t-shirts!


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September 2012…

Both of our girls were born on September. I joke with our friends that both of them were “made” during the cold winter of the Northern Hemisphere because Ellen was born on 09/2000 and Erika on 09/2005.  This past September we gave them a single birthday party with an American theme. We had the flag already so my sister and my wife worked on the other details and we made it happen for the girls.

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Wife and daughters…

This picture was taken in early 2011 at Fort McClellan, Alabama. I know my wife’s hair looks funny but that the wind was blowing at the moment of the shot.

Ellen and Erika in late 2010.

I think Erika was 4 years old at the time of this picture. She is 7 years old now. It was taken on campus of Jacksonville State University, the university I attended.

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More about our girls…

I had a photoshoot in a farm in Piedmont, Alabama. I normally bring my girls along so they can play while I shoot. On this day, I shot Engagement pictures of a cute couple, and in between outfit change, I had the girls sitting on this old tractor and I snapped a picture of them.

At the Oxford Mall in Oxford, Alabama. Scooby Doo visits this mall every year. I believe this picture was taken in 2009

Here are the girls riding their bicycles in early 2011. As we had to move to Brazil, all of their toys were left behind.  They brought along with them whatever could fit inside their luggage, but all the other stuff like their bikes, Barbie houses, Littlest Pet shop houses, roller-skates,  and many other things were left behind…

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Ellen kicking some butts…

Taekwondo America. This dojo is located in Jacksonville, Alabama. Ellen went all the way from being a white belt to 2nd degree black belt.

Ellen won a tournament in early 2011. She got the 1st place.

Birmingham, Alabama. For those who know this city, the Botanical Gardens is a big park divided in different kinds of gardens, like the Japanese Gardens where we took the picture above. There is also the English Gardens, and other kinds of gardens all located in a single park.

Here Ellen is doing a split forms.

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My Girls

For those who don’t know, I’m a professional photographer. Here I was testing the Q-Flash at a park in Oxford, Alabama.

Alabama, USA
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Our Family

Our Family

This picture was taken just a few months before we had to leave the U.S.A.

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