Our Family

Our Family

This picture was taken just a few months before we had to leave the U.S.A.

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  1. “Hello,
    I am Malgosia (Polish living in Japan) and I found your website through the comment you left on kansaiparents.org. I just would like to tell you that there are many more international schools than those you mention. E.g. there is “Canadian Academy” in Kobe that does offer at least partial scholarships as far as I know. Actually, many people here who would like to send their children to intl schools cannot do that because of the costs. Some of them choose homeschooling instead, it requires a lot of time input from the parents though (but, as far as I know, having a child in a public school in Japan also consumes a lot of parents’ time). I know, though, at least one family where both parents work full time (in Japanese terms, which means much more time spent at work that e.g. in case of a European full time job) and where their daughter is currently being successfully homeschooled, using an online (US based) program (she started using it after graduating from a six year Japanese public elementary school and after some years of hard work on her English skills (her father is Japanese, and mother British).
    So, I just want you to know that there are some ways of getting good education without spending a fortune and without having to live in one of the few cities with an international school (boarding schools are almost nonexistent in Japan). I recommend joining a yahoo group “Education in Japan” (edn-in-jpn@yahoogroups.com) where you can get really a lot of information from other parents who went through similar worries and experiences (I didn’t – my daughter is still only three years old).
    Good luck,

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