This is our story…

If you came across this Blog, it is because it was created for a reason. We aim to take our girls to Japan and have them enrolled in an International School.

Let me introduce myself first.

I am originally from Brazil. I`m married to a Japanese woman and we have 2 daughters. Our daughters were born in the United States while I was first pursuing my education and later working for one of the best companies in the U.S. Our first daughter Ellen was born in 2000 and Erika was born in 2005. They both attended school in the U.S. and both girls speak English only. Both my wife and I thought it was important for them and for us to keep English as our day to day language once it would help us and help the kids to learn faster and succeed in their school assignments.

In 2011, my company was not able to renew my work visa and we had to leave the United States. My wife and I and our 2 kids arrived in Brazil on November 1st, 2011. I looked for a school for my kids, especially for the older one but I could not find a school at the standards as the school they attended in the U.S., but since we had no alternatives, I had them enrolled in a private school.  Unfortunately Education is not taken seriously in Brazil. Brazil occupies the 31st spot in the World Education Ranking. The tipping point for me to create this Blog was when both my girls arrived home and I checked their homework and I noticed the assignment for my 6th grader was the same assignment my 1st grader had – a coloring page.

There may be some good schools around here, but not where we live. There are also a couple of American schools in Brazil. But the costs are so high making it impossible for us to afford it, due to the fact that gains-per-capita here (salaries) are much lower if compared to Japan for example.

The move to Japan would not be that easy, once airfare alone from Brazil to Japan will cost US$1,800.00 per person. That equals to US$7,200.00 for the four of us. We would have to have enough money to rent a place to live and get things more or less organized until my wife and I get jobs and get things started. I believe that we would be spending around US$20,000.00 just to move to Japan including the airfare. We would need another US$12,000.00 at least to have my older one enrolled in an International school. I hope that during the course of the year I would be working and saving for her second year at the International school. I can deal with the fact that I may have to send my little 1st grader to a Japanese public school. She is in an age that she can learn faster and interact faster with other kids. But it simply cannot be done with my 12 years old. She needs to hit the ground running and get enrolled in a school as soon as we get there so she will waste no time out of school. There are three options we are considering. There is an International school in Hokkaido in the Sapporo Province, there is an International school in Hiroshima and one in Nagoya – Aichi-Ken. We would settle in any one of these cities as long as we get at least my oldest one enrolled.

The schools are not choosing them – I am the one choosing the schools for the kids. Not one of these schools offers any kind of scholarship as far as I know.. All we need is to have the kids enrolled in one of these schools. If we find the support we need, this help would go straight to the school.This issue would be resolved between the supporter and the school.

Please, do ask me any question you may wish! I would be glad to explain again and again the reasons we are seeking some support for this move. This support is solely, only for the kids.

Thank you,


We just had a Japanese festival here in the town we are living now and I got them these “I love Japan”  t-shirts!


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